Don’t Skip More Than One Day

I’ve slacked off a bit on my blog writing this past week. I keep meaning to sit down and brainstorm ideas but I never get around to it. I have been keeping to the “don’t skip more than one day” rule so I’m pretty proud of that.

“Don’t skip more than one day” is an idea that a friend from the UN-iversity community told me about. The idea is self-explanatory, and it’s very helpful for someone like me who likes to say things like, “it’s okay if you just skip one day.” That is a true statement, but what normally follows that is multiple days skipped and then feeling bad and guilty and then I quit altogether. And that’s just not helpful. So if you can stick to the idea that you can skip a day, but then you have to get right back to it the next day, you don’t feel burdened and you also feel accomplished.

That first day back can be hard though. There is a tendency to want to quit for some reason. I guess Einstein’s idea that “a body at rest tends to stay at rest” is really true. Once you skip a day, it’s so much easier to make excuses on the second day. So how do you pick yourself back up and get back to it? I usually tell myself to quit whining and do the thing. Sometimes I feel as though I need to re-parent myself, which means I have to be the one to give myself some tough love and tell myself that I can’t always get what I want. Sometimes I have to get what I need, as Mick Jagger says.

It’s not easy to begin again, but not skipping more than one day makes it a little easier. There is still a bit of momentum left. You haven’t called it quits yet. So give it another day and let the momentum swing you back into motion.

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