The Loss of a Pet

My hiatus turned out to take a little longer than I wanted. A couple of days ago, I had to put my cat Nubbins down and I didn’t feel like blogging. So apologies for that.

Losing Nubbins has been hard, but I know it was time. He had been sick for a while. About a month ago he had stopped eating and was losing lots of weight. Turns out he had a urinary tract infection, so we treated that and he got a little better for a while but he never fully recovered. He stopped eating again last week and he had already lost so much weight that there was just no hope of him getting any better without me spending thousands of dollars I don’t have, and that probably wouldn’t have even helped.

Nubbins was 15 and he had been with me since he was around a year old. He showed up at my mom’s house with a head full of ear mites and the entire left side of his face full of blood from scratching. I cleaned him up as best I could and covered him in neosporin, then we got him to a vet. He lived outside at my mom’s for a few months and then I took him to live with me in a little studio apartment, and we were together ever since. He was a sweet boy who liked to sleep a lot and lay in front of the window and watch the birds outside. I miss him terribly.

This is the worst part of having pets but I don’t think I would trade the experience of having them for anything. I still have one cat, Peaches, and she has been a godsend during this time. I think she is grieving too, and when I have to come home to reminders of Nubbins, it’s nice that she is here too. I will probably be getting another cat soon, too, because now I feel like I have room for one and I keep thinking about all of the ones who are living at the animal shelter and need a home.

Grief is hard and I’m not enjoying it. But I know I gave Nubbins a good life so that makes it all worth it.

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